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Poland again

Right, tomorrow I am off to Poland again. It seems a country that won’t be leaving my life for a while. As I wrote in a previous post, I’ll be training Polish officials on negotiation in the European Union for a while (until January 2010).

My life has been a strange ride in the last 3 months. Full of serendipity and “coincidences” of all kinds, many related to Poland. The last one is related with my next trip. A bit than less 3 months ago, I had a great dinner in a restaurant in Warsaw called U Kucharzy. Then a friend of mine who has visited me in London this week, mentioned it by chance the same day that another friend in Warsaw sent me an email saying that he had reserved in that restaurant for Saturday! The first and the second friend don’t know each other at all. It’s either the only restaurant in Warsaw worth going or another “coincidence” of the many and many happening around me? The funny thing is that I knew I was going to end up going back to this restaurant way before my friend’s booking. I just can say one thing: curious.

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My apologies for being so egocentric in this post, but this is the actual title of latest Lady Gaga’s hit song. How many songs with the title Alejandro in the history of music? None. And this one came to me in a very curious way.

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We went far, we’ll go farer (III)

In late May, I went with a friend to Saint Petersburg. That trip was probably one of the best trips I’ve ever had. The company, the weather, the city, the country and the people around brought us into a state of mind and heart that was very special. We had a few experiences that have marked our lives. I’ve already told you about two of them – an orthodox religious ceremony and life and stones. Now I want to tell you about the third and last of these life experiences. It is about a museum, paintings, beauty and overwhelming feelings. It is about the Hermitage and its impressive collection. It is about what makes us human: creativity.

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Positive creative thinking

Just got an email on The Hub network from The Positive Earth Project. It is about discovering your creative side by immersing in yourself. Yes, I am sure some of you will think this is the typical neo-hippy stuff. And it is. A person I know said: we live in a world where the hippy is becoming more aware of the down-to-earth realities of money and business to achieve ideals, and the business man is realising the importance of values and social goals for their success. This is what social enterprise is all about. Creativity, emotions and inner awareness are at the center of it.

This is the message of the The Positive Earth’s email:

Instead of seeking to get things from life or achieve goals externally, tap into the source of creativity inside yourself. You can do this by tapping into the deeper desires that you’re holding in your body.


1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow the center of your awareness to deepen into your body. Breathe into the center of the most connected, wisest part of yourself, all the way in your hips.

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Building community ties through remixing

Lawrence Lessig has again a great talk about the culture of remixing, this time taking on its community values and how important it is for our social ties.


Free spirits

Quite recently I bumped into a quote from Thucydides that says “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” How truthful this is for me, but is it too late?

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Nos rozamos

I am a comet. I cross the space at thrilling speed, grazing planets and their satellites, fed by stars that beacon my path. I was happy alone in the darkness of cosmos. Until the time I met you. Until the moment I touched you. I thought I was unique, but I was not.

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The capture of the regulator

One of the main problems of bureaucracies is that they are based on the assumption that “experts” are objective and driven mainly by their technical knowledge when performing their job. This is a fallacy. Bureaucrats and experts working for bureaucracies are influenced by other factors that surround the organisation where their work and their own lives.


What a serious mistake

I heard about the indiscriminate killing of activists on a boat bringing aid to Gaza by the Israeli army when I was in Paris a couple of days ago. I obviously felt concerned by the people on the boat, but the first thing I thought was “what a mistake!”. Israel’s relationships in the region would not probably be a case study for a guidebook on good neighbourly relations. In fact, the only country with which Israel had until now relatively good relations was Turkey, the relationship with Egypt and Jordan being more ambiguous, and with the rest (i.e. Lebanon and Syria) being “unfriendly”. Turkey and Israel signed in 1996 a military cooperation agreement and later a 20-year deal for water transfers from Turkey to Israel. Now the relation is on the verge of breaking.

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Don’t let them look down on us

“Please Don’t” (David Byrne & Fatboy Slim (feat. Santigold)) on Imelda Marcos’s way of international politics

The world is full of intolerance,
greed, injustice, and dominance
A woman, a woman knows, knows relationships
That’s why, why I make, make my little trips

So if there’s a problem
It’s really better this way
Well I don’t need the president
I’ll get my little bag and say

Please don’t
Don’t let them look down on us
Please don’t
Like they used to do to me