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Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? A darwinian theory of beauty

Continuing the theme of beauty I started with my post The emotion of beauty, I’d like to share with you a TED talk by Denis Dutton animated by the wonderful Andrew Park. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? No, Dutton explains it within the Darwinian theory of evolution. It still arises many questions, but it is a very interesting theory very well explained…Worth viewing it more than once!

What is also interesting of Denis Dutton talk is that it is very much related with two of the main topics of this blog: creative life and emotional revolution

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The audacity of changing ourselves…and then the world

For weeks. Days. Hours. She thought, considered and reconsidered this step. She’d been working for five years in the law firm, and now she was tired of the life she had, of her profession. She’d decided to quit. It was the moment to do it, for they were going to promote her to partner in a week. Now or never.

So she did. She went first to the director’s office. Tell her story and quit. Then she went to the offices of all the people, all those lawyers, she’d ever had any contact during her years in the firm. To say good bye. But she was not prepared to what she encountered in those short visits.

In every office. With every colleague. She started telling her story. A story that didn’t have an end, for her future is undecided, unplanned, unchartered. Her thoughts accumulating, disorganised in the blending excitement of fear, hope, doubt and illumination. Expecting a conventional farewell. A worrying remark. Or even a rejection against her irresponsibility of leaving the certainty of a well-paid job. She approached the door quickly after her talk. Yet, responding words were not the ones expected. Although some were simply courteous, most were caring and encouraging. And many were full of yearning for the courage she was showing. Many were internally desiring to take the same step, but they were not allowed to express it, until she entered their offices. Like her, they were also longing for a more meaningful life. Unlike her, they didn’t have the courage to make it real.

This is a real story. Something that happened to a friend of mine not very long ago. She is now finding herself again. I invited her to the Social Innovation Spiral, the foundation of an emerging community of social innovators and entrepreneurs in Barcelona. She came and she adored it. She, I, nobody knows where she’s, we’re, going. There is no certainty about her, our, destination or even the path she’s, we’re, going to follow in the immediate future. Notwithstanding, she faces the future with the audacity of a real social entrepreneur, because she told me “the really courageous thing would have been to stay where I was, for there, I was really suffering”.

Now, you can also join us in the next Social Innovation Spiral in Barcelona, La Pedrera, 20 January 2011.

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Kiss the Pope

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It’s okay dear…

hat tip: Jon Worth’s “If I wanted to bomb an airliner...”

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I say liberty, I say democracy

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Through a friend, I’ve discovered on Facebook the blog of the political cartoonist Iratxe Fernández, cuestión humana (one of her cartoons above).

Really sharp and nicely drawn cartoons.

On the blog’s header I read words from Julio Cortazar which are as sharp and nicely drawn…

Digo: “libertad” digo: “democracia”, y de pronto siento que he dicho esas palabras sin haberme planteado una vez más su sentido más hondo, su mensaje más agudo, y siento también que muchos de los que las escuchan las están recibiendo a su vez como algo que amenaza convertirse en un estereotipo, en un clisé sobre el cual todo el mundo está de acuerdo porque ésa es la naturaleza misma del clisé y del estereotipo: anteponer un lugar común a una vivencia, una convención a una reflexión, una piedra opaca a un pájaro vivo.

Translation: I say: “Freedom” I say: “Democracy, and suddenly I feel I’ve said these words without thinking about their deepest meaning, their sharpest message, and I also feel that many who hear these words are receiving them like something that threatens to become a stereotype, a cliché on which everybody agrees
because that’s the very nature of the cliché and the stereotype: to put a common place before an experience, a convention before a reflection, a dark stone before a live bird.”


Rubalcaba 2012?

El otro día, viendo a Rubalcaba en el telediario lo vi, por primera vez, como Presidente del Gobierno. Hoy La Vanguardia publica una encuesta en la que los ciudadanos creen que Zapatero no debería repetir como candidato del PSOE, con Rubalcaba como favorito para substituirle.

Queda un año y medio para las elecciones. El PSOE va directo a perderlas excepto si toma medidas drásticas. El tiempo de Zapatero ha pasado. Un PSOE con Rubalcaba a la cabeza tendría grandes posibilidades de gobernar, un PSOE con Zapatero estará en la oposición.

(Del PP y Rajoy mejor no hablar, si ganan las elecciones será por que el PSOE no ha sabido rectificar a tiempo, no por propios méritos.)