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Freedom isn’t an easy path, you won’t be free by pleasure

On this blog, I wrote about personal freedom when talking about free spirits and the will of freedom. I’ve described freedom as measured by the options we have. I’ve said that freedom in solitude is not full freedom, for this needs the company of someone that can push us towards directions we’ve never had thought, therefore enlarging our freedom. I’ve also talked about emotions, and how important they are to understand our humanity. Now, I see that freedom and feelings are very much connected.

Some people confuse freedom with doing whatever they feel like doing at all moments, mainly in their search for pleasure. They take drugs, drink, do extreme sports, have sex as these activities were the symbol of their freedom. “I feel like getting pleasure, I can get it therefore I am free.” “I do take drugs/drink/have sex/throw myself from a cliff because I feel like doing it, I want it, I have the urge to do it, therefore I am free.” Well, I don’t think so. This is hedonism. Being slave of our pleasures, our bodily urges is not being free. Not because “we do what we want at all moments we feel it” we are free. I am not saying there is something morally wrong about it, that’s another discussion, an ethical one. I am just saying that it is not the path towards what I would consider a free life.

We are on the path of freedom when we dare. We dare when we face our “pleasures” and our “fears” in order to discover what’s behind, on the sides, in front, thus things we’d never dare to see or feel. This is indeed a difficult struggle, but who said that the path of freedom is all nice and rosy, easy and attractive? No, it looks to me as harsh and difficult as it may be joyful. It is a path where we need the courage to transform ourselves into beings that go beyond our rational learnings, our hedonistic urges or emotional attachments. It is all – reason, feelings and emotions – at the same time. Freedom comes from connecting it all, not being captured by one or the other, so we are capable of seeing, thinking, feeling the amazing things this universe hides. Freedom is a path, not a state. The final, ideal state of absolute freedom is being able to choose among all things, permanently without limits, and for this it is necessary to experience and be connected with the whole. In it, we can always choose. But then, we’ll probably won’t have the need anymore. More freedom we have, less need to choose. That’s the beautiful paradox of freedom.

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We must change our paradigm of education, it’s killing our creativity

Sir Ken Robinson’s lecture is a loud and clear call for change. We must change the current paradigm of education based on the intellectual ideas of enlightenment, and the practical considerations of the industrial revolution. It is actually numbing our humanity, our feelings, real interests and emotions, killing our creative potential for the sake of a narrow view of the world and the material interests of a few who are the actual profiteers of industrial production.

As a child, I went to seven different schools. I was expelled of some of them, recommended to leave in others and just moved by my parents from a couple. The first time I changed schools I was 7 years old. Unknown to me until very recently, that first time was a very emotional and traumatic affair for me. I had to leave my friends, those with whom I shared so many memories and experiences until then. Why was I thrown out? Basically because I was often not putting attention into what the teachers were saying. I preferred to either talk to other students, read, draw or do other stuff instead of focusing in one single point. I actually felt alienated, it felt like someone was hammering me down into a box. My whole being was resisting. Always with a big smile though.

Robinson’s talk wakes these feelings again up in me. It is so true, so right what he says. It is so at the core of what I call the emotional revolution, a change of paradigm that takes seriously us as emotional beings, who feel and create in our freedom and diversity. Rationalism and standardisation tries to kill this by making us all the same – like classifying us by our production date (i.e. birthday). I believe that understanding and accepting what’s inside us, the combination and collaboration of our reason and emotions, is an essential step to make a future which is freer and fairer for us.

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“Merry Christmas Assange and Fuck Sweden”

Writing this in the free ING internet gate area (all airports should have one!) in Warsaw’s Frederic Chopin Airport to fly through Riga to Stockholm, to visit the person who took this picture in Montmatre, Paris on January 2, 2011. Finally, I have some spare time to post it!

Funny way of showing how the Wikileaks affair has touched upon a very important issue for all of us: our right to know what governments are doing with our money, our people and to others aka freedom of information…

…and yes, you guessed it, she is Swedish, what it makes the picture even more amusing…the picture was surely taken with a big smile in her face…this post is written with a corresponding one 馃檪