Impermanence paradox

“If you want to find the truths of the universe, look for paradoxes…”

Impermanence. Everything changes. Nothing is never the same. All flows. From moment to moment. Breathing in and breathing out we live all these moments, it is our life. Despite this simple truth we keep thinking (I underline, ‘thinking’) in permanents. And then when change is so great that we cannot ignore it, we are surprised. Because we haven’t seen that actually change is all, for all is impermanent.

In impermanence we are, all is. That’s the impermanence paradox. Like the river that flows and is never the same river, but it is the river – it was not or it won’t be, it just is the river. We are never the same, but we are ‘we’, I am ‘I’, you are ‘you’… We are impermanent doesn’t meant that we are not, it is in that continuous change that we are in the moment. Therefore, we can only ‘be’ in the moment. When the river flows. Being is impermanent outside the moment, in the moment is just ‘be’. It is by feeling the now, the moment that we truly find our being, thy being.

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Heraclito dijo ” nunca podras meterte en el mismo rio dos veces” .
Gracias por tu blog, acabo de empezar a leerlo y me gusta bastante.

Gracias Carlos por tus comentarios. He estado de viaje en los dos últimos meses y no he podido actualizar mi blog tanto como me gustaría. Un saludo!

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