Travel, football, work…my birthday

Went to sleep at 3, woke up at 6.30, travelled kms at 10.000 metres, played football, corrected papers…and now I’ll go to say hello to some people. Need to go to sleep early though. TomoThat was my 36th birthday.


Spain, Catalunya and the irony of fate

Most of the world knows. Tomorrow Spain will play against Netherlands in its first World Championship final. They will win. What you don’t know is that the day before, that is today, there will be a huge demonstration in Barcelona in protest of the use of the Constitutional Court’s decision against some important articles of the new Catalan Statute (l’Estatut) (a kind of Catalan Constitution). It is ironic that this manifestation of the problems of vertebration of a nation-state that has struggled from its beginning to integrate a dominating Castilian culture with its peripherical partners coincides with the biggest success in Spanish sport history. Furthermore, the core of the skilful Spanish football team is mostly composed by Catalans or people from Barcelona FC, one of the most important symbols of Catalan national aspirations. Irony of fate.


What a serious mistake

I heard about the indiscriminate killing of activists on a boat bringing aid to Gaza by the Israeli army when I was in Paris a couple of days ago. I obviously felt concerned by the people on the boat, but the first thing I thought was “what a mistake!”. Israel’s relationships in the region would not probably be a case study for a guidebook on good neighbourly relations. In fact, the only country with which Israel had until now relatively good relations was Turkey, the relationship with Egypt and Jordan being more ambiguous, and with the rest (i.e. Lebanon and Syria) being “unfriendly”. Turkey and Israel signed in 1996 a military cooperation agreement and later a 20-year deal for water transfers from Turkey to Israel. Now the relation is on the verge of breaking.


Per el dret d’accés: conferència a Barcelona

Els propers 13 i 14 de maig, el Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya (Defensor del Poble català) organitza a Barcelona la primera conferència sobre el dret d’accés a la informació del sector public que una institució pública organitza a Espanya.

Personalment, estic orgullós de presentar-la perquè és una iniciativa que vaig començar a impulsar i en la qual he estat treballant des de juliol de 2010.

La conferència és per gratuït però per invitació (l’aforament esta limitat a 100 persones). Es podrà seguir però per streaming en línia en temps real i es penjarà a la web del Síndic després. Més informació en els pròxims dies.

Podeu accedir al programa aquí.


Cuando pasa, no lo quiero coger

Mi problema,
es que siempre espero el tren
pero cuando pasa,
ya no lo quiero coger,
y ni me lleva,
ni me deja de traer.

Y la espera,
la máxima idiotez,
las ventajas tienden a desaparecer,
y nunca gano,
pero no dejo de perder.

La Raya, Maldita Nerea

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An English Sunday in the countryside

On Sunday, my brother William organized a walk for both of us through the English countryside. We started in Waterloo station, from which we took a train to Farnham. From there we went all the way to Guildford following the North Downs Way, a fantastic walking trail that crosses that area of Surrey. We stopped at noon for a vegetarian lunch (including hummus 🙂 ) in front of an astonishing view. On our way, I took some good pictures, including the one above (click on it for a bigger version). The yellow flowers in the grass remind me of a dream-like walk in a park I did not long time ago…

Gracias Guillermo por un fantástico domingo.


And now that you found it, It’s gone

And now that you found it
It’s gone
Now that you feel it
You don’t
It’s gone forever

“Nude”, Radiohead

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New categories, New content

After all personal changes I’ve went through in the last months (to which I refer on a Log post here), I feel the need to change the content of this blog. There will be three main themes: Network World, Creative Life and Emotional Revolution. They seem self-explanatory to me, but they are probably not. I hope to make it gradually clear with my future posts.

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