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The Path and the Forest

Two brave knights enter the forest on their horses. The marked path is their guide. They want to cross the forest to get to the palace of the king on the other side where great riches are awaiting them. At the start of the journey both of them have the same goal, during the crossing everything changes for one of them. He begins to listen to the creatures of the forest, and lured by them he adventures himself into it to never return. The other knight, who follows the path, oblivious to the wild beauty laments the insanity that captured his fellow man. His life safe and protected by the path, he knows what’s behind and what’s ahead. His life known to him. The other has entered a world of magic and wonderment, his life has become an unexpected adventure full of suffering beauty…

Two archetypes of our world can be found in these two stories. One focused, practical, afraid of risk, surprises and pain at the cost of a life of routine and lack of real wonderment for a known goal that probably will never be attained. The other a wandering existence, full of adventures and encounters, magic and beauty, sensations and suffering for an unknown future, in which the moment becomes king and queen. In these two archetypes we all live, as the yin and yang of our existence. Some will hold with all their strength and will the path to secure their lives, others will let themselves be seduced by a world of imagination to feel the meaning of life. Between the two, we wander.